Monday, February 28, 2011


I was just reminded of a favorite saying of mine...
"live life in full color"!
So true...if we don't li
ve life to it's fullest...
oh boy what we've missed. Don't wait...start today!
Well, my 'Alice in Wonderland
' won an Oscar for for Best Costumes!
No wonder...if you haven't
seen this movie...go see it~
it will awaken your senses...inspire you to new heights...make you dream!
Here's my salute to
Mr. Johnny Depp & Tim Burton

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here I go again...
designing some more patterns for
Fabrics, Wrapping paper, etc...with PINK...I can't help it!
I just NEED to use pi like it BOLD!!!

This is my entry for PINK Saturday...I call it...
"In Your Face" flowers. Plea
se tell me what you think?
I can use all the feed-back I get...ENJOY...your Saturday!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So much for Big Storm!
Wait a minute...what is that white stuff? They (the right on weather men?) predicted the February Storm...well, it came & went! Woke up about 5:00 am to some white stuff...but by 10:00, it wasn't anywhere but the roof!

(New flower pattern for fabric)
In the studio today I've been designing more patterns...didn't realize that it could be as much fun as it is.
Flowers seem to be what's on my mind today...& lots of dramatic color! I think the snow has something to do with the NEED for COLOR!
I have days like every other artist...when the mind just doesn't or can't find anything exciting to get sink my teeth into...wh
en this happens...I go to my 'scrap files' gets my mind churning...& most of the time, a little shaking up, or dusting out of the brain helps get the 'inspiration' started!
Possibilities are limitless!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Word for the day!
I've been working on designing patterns...that can be used for wrapping papers, fabrics, stationery products...really enjoying this!
The ideas just keep that's what I call a very productive morning.
Middle of February, I'd like to have everything done for the show by April 1...can I do it?
I think so. I just s
igned up to do an AD in the Licensing publication...
one more thing to add to th
e list.
I see some of my friends my last years
Surtex show are doing an thought I'd join forces with them...back to the drawing board.

Friday, February 18, 2011


another idea...can you write me & tell me what you think?
for the Booth...(it is 2 sided and it measures 8' h x 20')

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Somebody stop me...
I can't draw one more idea for my Booth walls!
I'm going crazy...just when I think I have the idea...
another one comes
along! Geez!
When you have no perimeters it is so much harder
narrow down the lot of looks.

this is my watercolor look...the yellow block will have
snap shots of my characters on it. The right side of
the booth is the same only a mirror image of this...
(The yellow with the black outline is to simulate a scrapbook.)
What do you think?
Remember my characters are set in a Tropical setting...

Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm seeing PINK!!!
...this is my little girl that's going to Las Vegas
with Max, Millie & Mojo!
Just a sketch at this point...playing with her today!
Need a name for's got to start with an "M"...
got any ideas...(she's gonna be head-lining with them)
send them to me...right here...
Sign up with Mr. Linky below & leave a 'name' & the I'll pick a winner on FEB. 17th. Winner will receive this..."Sweet Elephants in Love" digital stamp!

thanks....Check this out...FUN BLOG!PINK


May your day be filled with LOTS of BIG LOVE!
This is an illustration that I did for Shirleys 2 Girls
for our "LOVE" line of digital stamps...
you can still buy it on our ETSY shop...
(this card was done by Cat Darling for S2G...)


I'm going to be more active on my Blog...
since I
almost live in my!
I really NEED & WANT your input about things
I am
drawing & designing.
I can never have enough great w
in my life SHARE away.
Also, as women we always have LOTS
on our minds...(Marie did too!)

"Marie with accessories"
(illustration for magazine)
(If you become a follower of my Blog...
I'll send you a FREE Digital Stamp!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's bright...but cold! brrrr...
Here's a peek at Max...Millies companion
He's secure enough to wear a flamingo pink hat!
Now that tells you a lot about!
...working madly...creating for their Debut in VEGAS...Baby!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tis sunday & it's lie around with a cat or 2
(and of course Daddy's dog-Ginger)...
we're watching old re-runs of Americas Next Top Model...from 2003.
Boy, unpolished it was in the beginning...but still fun to watch. Gives me LOTS of ideas...maybe Millie should do a runway show in her club down in Florida....hehehe!
I can see her now...'working' her leopard leggings!
TATA for now..........DEIDRE

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the early Fall I signed a contract with CRAFTWELL. They make
electronic die-cutting machines for the Craft Industry. My designs
debuted in late January 2011 at the CHA Show (Craft/Hobby/Association).
I'm very excited about this new venture...I drew up about '70' unique
illustrations for some SD Cards...(that the end user buys to use with Their machines.)
Below is one of many purses I did for them! ENJOY!


Yes...I'm talking one HOT mama!
Here she is...getting ready for
Meet~Millie...she's one sassy, flashy & a little bit loopy...broad!
She's a Boomer, Retired &
is Ready to give you the 'low-down'
on her view of the world!
he's the 'yin' to Max's yang!
give ya a peek at Max next week!)