Saturday, April 30, 2011


What is creativity all about?
...having fun...experimenting...being playful...
thinking outside the box...YES!  GO DO IT!
I whipped up about 10 little sketches in about 25 minutes...
just working the 'ole creative muscles!
something that I just did...& did I have fun...
If I could not draw everyday...I would be miserable!
have a FABULOUS & PLAYFUL day!


If I had received my invitation to the Royal Wedding in time...
this is what I'd have worn, but alas, it arrived a day late!   What
is a woman to do?   Wear it shopping...& be CHIC!
Today finds me...trying new things...creatively...should be a FUN day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

BLISS...and everything PINK!

(I'm reposting this for PINK day...just cause I thought this is definately
gonna work for anything PINK or ROYAL!)
I've got a problem...
what to wear to William & Katherine's wedding?
Let me see, the festivities start here at 1:00 am...
I think something 'chic'...'stylish'...'royal'...
I've got it...........................
my ROYAL, CHIC, P. J's....
give ya more deets tomorrow...gonna go take a power nap...
gotta stay awake for the "Grand Nuptials"...

 (My choice for a GOWN if I was getting married again...)
this is...Dita Von Teese....LOVE IT!

PS...I wore PJ's...and sissy & I had a GRAND
time watching the ROYAL EVENT!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I got what everybody else around here has...a damn cold.
Not in the best form this week...but I'm trying...between
Hump least I'm getting all my projects checked off my
'TO DO' list for the show.  May looks like I'll be able to get onto
some new creative...thinking of going back to working on
an 'alphabet' I did years ago...for kids.
Let ya know my progress...have a great week! 
Here's a little nod to feeling..."Blue".
Maybe a little adventure down a rabbit hole
would enlighten things!  Couldn't hurt.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Just found this great HAT site...
this is my salute to Easter Bonnets...
check her site out!  
Beautiful adornments for your pretty little head!


Here I am again...ready...set...go!  
Seen any bunnies yet?  how bout them chickens that lay PINK eggs? no?
well...get a load of this pink little egg...would you eat this?  hmmm?
fun though isn't it?

this is me trying to get an egg fried...can you say not the best in the kitchen?
(this is an illustration I did for a inspiration~
Marie Antoinette ) p.s. she wasn't good in with those frying pans either...LOL


I'm having issues with my web site...getting ready to pull hair out!  here is a peek at something I'm trying to put up on my web of  my collection pages~
this is my character 'izzie' thanks series page...
hopefully all my web site problems will be worked out
by early next week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Lolli-pops & roses...things are looking a lot more like spring if I only had the drive to get in the yard.  The Studio is yanking my thoughts back to the ole drawing board.  At the moment I'm working on products for my Collections...hopefully they'll be up on the web site by this Friday.  Not having the best of luck with my web person...they're slow!  I decided to do some changing with my site, about a month ago...sorry I did now.  I NEED someone to teach me how to do the site myself! to another wonderful day of creating.
one of my patterns on a coffee mug...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Boy did this week go fast...another wet one here in the NW!  
Since this is my week for going crazy drawing "FLOWERS"...
(my sister says I'm getting a little intense about them!)   LOL
I thought I'd just continue my wackiness for posies & make
my post for  PINK SATURDAY...
all about those 
'bright & cheery' harbingers of SPRING!

thinking of Paris...this is Coco & her poodle Chanell...
(this is from my Ooh La La series)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


this is a sketch I did for a digital stamp a couple of years  it here.
I'm in my "flower" least that is what  my sister tells that so wrong? It's Spring...Peter Cottontail is on his candy eggs to hide...searching for a fabulous easter bonnet...(don't ya love that word?)  BONNET?  ahhh, the good ole days!  I admit it I've been going 'crazy' for flowers lately...kinda like Van Gogh and his haystacks...ok, well maybe not quite...but friday I'll move on to something new...hmmm?  what to draw?  Ladies in Bonnets....that's it!   Got a favorite pic of some hats?  send them to me...I'd love the inspiration!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here it is...already?  How is that...every week it seems to sneak up on me.  Is that because I'm getting older?  Hell NO!  It must be Global Warming...yup that's it!  Today is another wet one here...beginning to wonder where spring went?  I've been working on creating more "Fabrics"...& helping with my Web site.  I wish I could do the website thing myself...but I'm not fluent in HTML...geez!  Never did I think I'd be talking in 'computer' lingo.  Ahhh, how things change. 
I heard from some old friends this week, that I used to work a very intense say the least.  Just thinking about 'sleeping' on the office floor with the 'bubble wrap' as my pillow...sounds nuts, I know.  Well, the 'experience' in this company was not one I would have wanted to miss!  Can't wait till saturday to meet up with a bunch a FABULOUS ladies.  Here's to Great People!
This card part of the series...'Indulgence'...
you can buy this 'digital stamp' here:S2G SHOP
"girlfriends"...created by Ann English

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Brings back the ole days of me & my little royal blue bug...oh what great times we had!
My Dad got it for me on the 1st day of school in the 11th grade...there it was sitting in the driveway...all for me.  What a Dad...I didn't ask for it...he just thought why not? He was the BEST!!!  I was definately a 'hit' with all my 'car-less' friends.  I've been thinking lately...maybe there is a NEW BUG in my future...I think I'll take it Black with a soft back top (convertible, of course).
Well, I'm kinda taking it easy in the studio today...playing catch-up.  Tomorrow is Sunday...the day I do NO work in the studio.  I used to be in here everyday, but a few months ago...I decided I needed a it's VEG Day tomorrow!
Ya all, have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2011


It's that oh so PINK day again...thought I'd post a few
yummy things that are too FAB not to share! I'm having
so much fun gathering PINK they are~
ENJOY your... 
How 'bout a HAT...
a DOG...


oooh la la...don't ya LOVE PINK?


the flowers are popping out all over the place...what a kaleidoscope of colors!
isn't this just too FAB?  hope your day is a SUNNY one!
working hard at finishing my 'stuff' for the BIG SHOW!
Think I just might be honing in on the BIG END!
MOVIE nite here..."ARTHUR" is on tap...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Is it really the SUN I see?  Am I just hallucinating?  Rain...rain...rain...don't get me wrong I do love the rain & the beautiful 'green' things it brings with it...BUT, I think I'm very ready for the BIG YELLOW ORB to appear for more than an hour or 2...

Just a little sketch using the computer again...gotta keep experimenting...HAVE A FAB DAY!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Welcome to PINK SATURDAY!!!
It's officially SPRING!  I see sun...daffodils...
and people mowing their grass....ahhhhh!
It got me to thinking about one of my most 
favorite spots to be in the world...South of France...Provence.  
Picture taking every turn there is a shot that
I couldn't resist...needless to say I think I stopped counting 
after 20 rolls (before digital)...
This is a picture I took of an oh so wonderful sign
in the wee little village of...L'Isle Sur la Sorgue.  One of my favs!
I LOVE the color!  WOW!   
Stop & take some pictures while you're out & about...
never know what is going to 'greet' you at your next turn!

I love creating in pastels...I call this one..."La dame dons rose"
ENJOY your weekends ladies...