Wednesday, December 19, 2012


DAY 19 of things that take my breath away...
a fabulous RED dress for that holiday party...
a city lit up for the holidays...
snow making a white carpet outside the house...


Friday, December 7, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 DAYS of WONDROUS things...

Today I find these things to be truly 'AMAZING & AWESOME'...
all things of WONDER!   SANTA is way up there on my amazing list...I do believe!  I love the creative window & store dressers that take the time to delight us every year with "Fantastical" delights of ALL things CHRISTMAS!  Finally I find such JOY in the look one of my pets has when tempted with nothing but a 'simple' treat!  
Oh to feel that way, just because of one little cookie! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

25 DAYS of WONDROUS things...

DAY 3 of being in 'WONDER' about something...and today that thing is...color
how extremely dull life would be without ALL the different colors in front of us.
Variety is the spice of life.

may your DECEMBER be filled with lots of...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 DAYS of WONDROUS things...

Today this makes me feel 'wonder-ous'...
I LOVE PARIS!!!  So inspiring, so exciting, so fabulous!
Thinking about the 'good' times I've had in Paris & France...
this is what makes me smile today!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 DAYS of WONDROUS things.

For the next 25 days I am going to share
 'WONDROUS, AMAZING & FABULOUS' things with you.  
I hope you ENJOY my view.

On this 1st day of wondrous things...are the big & little 4 legged
 fur balls who make my life a JOYFUL thing!

Monday, November 26, 2012



it's a COLD one outside today...I'm busy creating which is a great way to start the week...I think I found my muse.  Damn her for hiding from me for the past few months.  I have signed up for a class with a well known designer, Tara Reed...she posted info about it on FB last week, and it sounded like just what I need at this point in my life.  The class will be about Licensing, anything that has to do with the business of it.  I have 2 different Reps at this point & I'm not sure if either of them are the 'right' ones for me.  I am so ready for a change, so this will be truly a much needed day for me.  I'll give you more info after I take it. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


Everyday is basic black to me...since I only wear black & white.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE color, but I just don't wear it.  I like the dramatic look of black & white & it certainly does make my life easier.  When I'm creating new designs they are FULL of color and usually have some black thrown in.  I adore stripes, dots, anything BOLD in B&W.  I'm back in the creative swing of things, I have to say it has taken me a long time to find my muse again...but she's BACK!  Currently I'm working on designs for the garden...bird houses, plant picks, yard stakes, weather vanes, etc.  Peeks to come... 

Friday, September 28, 2012


I don't know what I've been up to is a bit confusing these days.  I'm finally walking on both feet with 1 walking cast and a cane.  My creative 'muse' has left me for the last month or so...since I'm in transition (moving)...she has gone into hiding.  I'm sure next month she will show up when I least expect it...& kick things back into gear!  Looking forward to NEW creative adventures...

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have been painting lately...I call this one
Cool Waters.  It has been nice to get back to
playing with paints...I find it very 'freeing'. 
 I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it?  
But I'm happy with it so far.
Tell me what you think?  
Love to get some feedback.

Friday, July 27, 2012


How did it get to be FRIDAY again?  This week has had me doing some production work for clients...not what I had in mind for this week, but hopefully Saturday I'll get to do some new designing just for me.  I really need to just get out in the studio & let go!  I don't know what I want to do specifically, except that I want to change things up a bit.  Maybe play with watercolor...pastels... colored pencils...all mediums that I like working with, but just haven't played with in awhile.  I'm thinking of buying an Epson Pro series 3800 printer, if you have one what do you think of it?  I want to have a great printer to reproduce my art to far as I have read it seems to be the one to go with...SHARE your thoughts with me if you have a 3800 Epson.  THANKS in advance.

Here is a snapshot of a pattern that is one in the series called SUMMER DAYS!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I think we have had our 2 'allotted' weeks of it's back to rain...I have to say that I'm  truly over this weather this summer (?) 
As far as creative things...I'm going in a new direction.  While awaiting updates on some of my 'licensed' designs...I'm going to venture into exploring with different mediums, techniques & papers.
I have been working for about 2 years on creative that has to work for various clients, & I now want to do some artwork because it calls to me.  I do not want to worry when I start creating...that my colors are too BRIGHT,  or my drawing doesn't look right or is it on TREND?  I am going to draw just because I have to do it...whatever calls to me.  What can I say...It is time for me to not listen to outside voices & just go with what my heart feels.   

Friday, June 15, 2012


Finally back at creating...have been out of it, since my 'fall' on May 10th!  Watch your step is now my new motto!  At the moment I'm working on new designs for Holidays is one of my new series of Cocktail Napkins...I call 'PARTY ON'...this is with some of my favorite wild women caught in the act of celebrating!  I will also be adding paper plates, drinking cups, banners and of course the napkins I show above.   Another series is called...'DOGS GONE WILD' is a peek at one of the series for these crazy critters. 
Also working on new ideas for patterns...designs that could be used for Wrapping Paper, Fabric, etc.  I really enjoy creating these...a nice new twist to my work!
Well, that's it for today's update...
feeling better everyday and looking forward to being out of casts!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Creative...not so much the last few days...darn cold!  I am trying to get some new designs done for the SURTEX show & the Licensing Show in Vegas...but I feel like I'm going at half speed.  I won't be going to either show personally, but have Reps that are taking my stuff.  After 2 years of doing the shows I just did not feel justified in doing it again...each show has run me about $10,000. each...( to a total of over $20,000) so I am begging off of them for this year, we will see what 2013 brings.  I am working and have finished a lot of designs for various companies, but it does take for some of them...well over a year to see them come to the market.  (not complaining yet.)  In order to be in this business of LICENSING you have to have 
1. patience
2. money to get you thru til the checks start rolling in
3. good reps
4. great ideas
5. dedication
6. patience
There that says it all...wish I would have jumped into this years ago, but alas, life got in the way...all i have to say is I am here now...and I am ready for anything. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


New Thermal ware drinking cups...I have designed 30 different images for this company.

The one to the right is for the 
"Year of the DRAGON  2012!

Friday, April 6, 2012


HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!   I SEE SUN!  Can it be that Spring is really trying to show us her best?  I see evidence of it all around me...daffodils, daphnes, crocus, tulips...BUT a lot of rain and very cold weather.  Well, I hope that the rest of the country is enjoying their's to NEW STARTS...NEW FRIENDSHIPS...NEW CREATIVE ADVENTURES!

 a little sketch to pay homage to all that is  PINK!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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even got a few CLEAR POLYMER STAMPS up for sale...