Friday, September 16, 2011


It is time to take a much needed break...
gonna go in search of the BIG YELLOW ORB!
I have a house sitter & animal I feel
that I truly can 'relax'...(I'm a little freaky about
my animals...they are after all my babies). Going to
be scouting the scenery out and soaking all the
surroundings in! I need some 'inspiration'...a change of
environment will do the tri
ck! I adore reading...
so I think about a '12' or so b
ooks will do the trick...
also taking the game 'farkle'...nice & easy way to spend
an afternoon sipping margaritas and playing a fun game!
Signing off...
over & out!
ps...don't forget the snorkel gear!!!

Before I forget...
it's also
PINK SATURDAY tomorrow...
here is my bit
of pink...
if this doesn't get you in a vacation mood...
you're in need of one too!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Well...tis Monday and I think I'm gonna go out and about
and get some much needed inspiration. See what
the folks are doing
out in the big world. Sometimes I just need a 'jolt' of new things I haven't
seen to get me paper stores, shoe stores, book stores,
art stores...actually driving around in a new neighborhood
is always fun and can be just the 'thing' I need to INSPIRE!
Here's to artists every
where...and their 'muses'!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Here is my post for PINK SATURDAY!
Above is a NEW Pattern that I designed for paper...fabric...
Today is gonna be nothing but being with friends...

laughing...eating...drinking...and watching a football game.
AND it's going to be 90 here today...our summer is
finally here, for a week they say?
Next week is gonna be a frenzy of designing, I'm working on
gift bags, banners, plaques...but today is for doing nothing.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend...
stay safe...and here's to a beautiful FALL!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ahhh...still in the 9:00 pm...
but I'd rather be here than anywhere.
maybe the South of France on the beach.
Working on more COFFEE sketches...
tell me your Honest opinion. Please?