Friday, March 23, 2012


One of my favorite days...we (sissy & me) go to lunch every friday at a neighbor hood eatery.  We go there often enough that they have our table set and are making up our meals as we walk in the doors.   We have adopted the young kids who work there. (mostly in there 20's)  It's so nice to go and relax at the end of a long & creative week and eat, talk & do a crossword puzzle.  The friday nite is movie night.
Looks like the Hunger Games in on my list tonite...what a lot of hype around this movie, hope it is a thriller!  Taxes...done!  Next week I start to design more 'paper inserts' for Thermo drink ware.  I go and pick up some sample of the first '15' designs next week too...should be fun to see them come to life so to speak. PINK SATURDAY's a little something PINK to keep in the 'theme' of it all!  HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Did I say it was SNOWING?  Yes, yesterday was the 1st day of spring & it was SNOWING!  Strange but true...and next to the fluffy piles of white stuff are sweet little daffodils poking their heads out, reaching for the sky.  I have been wrapping up taxes for my not feeling really creative this week, but here is a little sketch of a daffodil I did with Corel Draw...ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


MARCH 20th...SPRING is here!  
It is it MUST be spring!  A lot of green things are popping out and so is the color!  I've been thinking a lot about color and how it affects me and my work.  I usually do my work in groups...and they all seem to speak in a certain color palette to me.  I start sketching and before I know it...a COLOR pops up...somehow it just calls to me.  So, I feature it as the star & give it some co-stars and go with it.  Funny how it usually works for me.  Don't know how other artists work, but that is my method.  I know there are colors that are the "IN" ones for the year...and I try to design with those in mind on some projects, but sometimes I just let my COLORS call to me.  See some things I have created lately... 

Friday, March 16, 2012


HAPPY ST. PADDY'S day to all!  Ahhh, speaking of the Irish & all things GREEN...with the torrential rain we've had the last couple of days we are REALLY seeing GREEN!  Flood warnings all around.  Hope you all have a wonderful March 17th & celebrate a little bit with some green beer &a wee bit o' blarney.
I have been working on Cocktail Napkin designs this week...(must be why am I hankering for a pina colada?)  Here's a peek at a couple of them.  
The PINK I see this week is my Daphne bush beginning to bloom,
 one of my favorite smells that takes me back to my childhood...
Mom had some of those bushes & the 
smell was always a great harbinger of spring!

happy st. paddys day!