Thursday, January 29, 2009


Actually the last 2 weeks have been crazy...getting all of our Design Team in order...for our company, Shirleys2Girls, in case you don't know the name? What a hoot and a blast it has been! Kristine & I can't believe the kind of women that are part of the 'stamping' world...generous, would be the best word to describe them...but also, creative, fun, a little crazy...and we love them! this year is going to be an unbelievable one...First off, we have President Obama...then we have Hilary Clinton as Sec of State...and then we have the sisters whose business S2G's, is going like crazy! Our minds are spinning so fast, somedays I feel like I need 3 or 4 of me, the ideas are coming so fast...not enough time! May I have a 48 hour day please? We are working on papers and exciting...
I'm off to bed for so much needed rest, although these days I find it hard to finally 'turn off' my mind...I'm having too much fun!

TA TA for now.......Deidre

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