Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, I'm back from the BIG SHOW in Las Vegas...but I picked up a bug down there?
Starting getting sick on the last day, Thursday, the 16th...drove home or sissy did while I coughed & hacked!  Been down with this YUCK all week...tired of it.   Today...I'm in the studio writing emails to all the people/contacts I meet at the Show.  All in all I've  got to say the response was great!  Meet a lot of interesting people...from, Poland to South Korea...I already have 2 people that are sending me contracts for work...YIPPEE!!!
We talked about designing things like...back packs, purses, tableware, stationery, stamps, clothes, checks, wall plaques, etc.  My mind is spinning and I'm so ready to get to creating.  Met a few other designers/illustrators...they were very gracious and shared some of their thoughts with me. (Cathy Heck was especially generous)!  THANKS to Cathy!!!  Check her work out here.  Since last year I went to Surtex in New York & this year I chose Licensing Expo in Vegas...I'd have to say that I think that New York is better for me...even though I meet a lot of people in Vegas, with the majority of the show about the BIG , Disney, Mattel, Hasbro, Lucas Films, etc, I feel that the Studio/Design section gets kind of lost.  Since I've got a lot more pattern/surface designs that I'm now doing I think I'll be back at SURTEX next year.  Anyway...a good time was had and I think it will be a good show for me.
On to writing more emails to contacts and designing !
have a fabulous weekend!

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