Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ever since getting back from vacation...I've lost my mojo.
Trying to figure out where it went...I've looked under my bed~no.
I looked in the pantry~no.

I even checked in my purse~no.
Where oh where can it be? I just can't imagine where that darn thing went?
Couldn't be that my 'creativity' has taken a 'holiday'...could it?
I think 2 weeks of sun and then coming back to rain, rain,
and more rain has something to do with my MOJO...
(did it stay for a few more much needed break in the sun?)
I bet that's it...I think I'll give it until Monday...
bet I'll find it when I go out to my studio
and put on my creative apron...
Let ya know how the search for my MOJO goes next week!

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