Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It is trying it's best to give us some 'Snow Days'...love it if it would just snow us in for a few days...with nothing to do but, create, read, relax & think about what lies ahead for us in 2012.  My Reps just got back from the Atlanta Gift Show...they were talking to manufacturers about my designs.  I feel there are interesting things coming my way this year!  At the moment I'm working furiously on some New designs that I absolutely Love...as some of you know, it's not always the case that an artist 'loves' what they do, they see room for improvement, changes, a different approach...well, not this time.  I have been doing so many 'mock-ups' this past year for potnetial clients & working on a booth for the Licensing Show that I haven't had much time for just exploring...well, the time hit me a few days ago. 

The original idea came out from a recent sleepless night...you know we all have them...the clock is slowly ticking away, your mind won't shut off...in my case I start creating & coming up with ideas for me to do in the studio the next day.  I picked up my pencils...started to draw...first little sketch sprung onto the page...then the next...then another...and the next thing I knew I had come up with about 25 little quick sketches that made up a series.  Today I'm going to explore with techniques & mediums...unleash the beast!

Have a CREATIVE day!           DEIDRE

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