Monday, December 22, 2008


Another day of that "foreign" white stuff! And I do mean foreign...we here out WEST, don't see much of this stuff! When we is a major life changer...basically we all hunker down in our cozy little houses and read a lot or watch movies or eat the rest of the Cookies, (because we couldn't have that D_ _ _ party we were supposed to have.) Don't get me wrong... I Love this gorgeous white stuff, but it isn't doing my hips any good!
I have been working on Doll heads today...I'm on my 4th one! I'm gonna get it right or I am going to go wacky! See the lady to the left? My lovely Tart in the Black & White...I have her out to inspire me (she is part of a series of my tribute to black & white, hats, and great fashion!) Back to those silly and irritating HEADS I go...
later my friends.....DEIDRE

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