Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have just finished reading an Art Doll Quarterly. I almost completed my first Doll last year, but I put her on the back burner because I can't quite get the face right...I'm not the greatest with 3 dimensional art (in sculpture classes I couldn't get past everything looking like ashtrays, and I never even smoked...LOL)
But, this year I am determined to delve into the Doll making venture with great passion! I would love some feed back from any other Doll makers...I need your help and your input! As you can see from the photo of my 'Colette'...she is not quite there, but I thought I would debut her here today, also in the hope that some wonderful Doll maker or enthusiast will take pity on me and send me a missle with all their great wisdom on the world of Dolls...

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