Friday, May 27, 2011


It's PINK SATURDAY again...
It is POURING here...the RAIN will NOT stop!
I thought if I could just have one of these hats to
wear it would HELP the Rain go away...ok, I guess
not, but it sure wouldn't hurt!  Aren't these oh so...
FABU?  I adore them, had to share!

on your BIG "3"
ENJOY your Holiday weekend...


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Deidre Sweetie...
    Now girl, you know me and my hats. I simply adore hats, so these are definitely ones I would adore. Isn't that middle one, in red delightful. They look SO fun, and definitely ones that would turn heads. I love that.

    Hope the rain stops soon and the sun comes out for the weekend. We are having triple digits here in the desert. I spent some time sitting in the sun today. I needed the warmth for my old bones. 15 - 20 minutes a day for my Vitamin D.

    Many hugs sweetie. Love, Sherry

  2. Those hats aren't for the meek, are they?! What fun! We could have a hat party and the one with the most outrageous hat wins! Such a fun post. I love looking at your artwork - you are so gifted!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. finally found a way to get blogger to allow my comments, so here I am! ta da!!!
    happy Pink Saturday to you, dearest friend! we finally have a day off from the rain, hail, and storms, so am going to enjoy the sunshine as soon as I finish on the compy.
    have a fun one!

  4. I doubt those hats would hold rain water.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Deidre. thank you for making Pink Saturdays special.

    I love hats - and theses are fun and pretty!!!