Friday, July 20, 2012


I think we have had our 2 'allotted' weeks of it's back to rain...I have to say that I'm  truly over this weather this summer (?) 
As far as creative things...I'm going in a new direction.  While awaiting updates on some of my 'licensed' designs...I'm going to venture into exploring with different mediums, techniques & papers.
I have been working for about 2 years on creative that has to work for various clients, & I now want to do some artwork because it calls to me.  I do not want to worry when I start creating...that my colors are too BRIGHT,  or my drawing doesn't look right or is it on TREND?  I am going to draw just because I have to do it...whatever calls to me.  What can I say...It is time for me to not listen to outside voices & just go with what my heart feels.   


  1. YES!! So glad to hear it. Can't wait to see where it leads:)

    1. are so nice to say that...I'll be sure & show you whats happening...DEIDRE

  2. good for you!!! I have always been a fan of your art, you know that! :)

    cheering you on from way over here!!!!

  3. JENNIFER...thankyou for your love!!! how are you? miss your sassy quips...please take care...HUGS 2U ! DEIDRE