Friday, June 15, 2012


Finally back at creating...have been out of it, since my 'fall' on May 10th!  Watch your step is now my new motto!  At the moment I'm working on new designs for Holidays is one of my new series of Cocktail Napkins...I call 'PARTY ON'...this is with some of my favorite wild women caught in the act of celebrating!  I will also be adding paper plates, drinking cups, banners and of course the napkins I show above.   Another series is called...'DOGS GONE WILD' is a peek at one of the series for these crazy critters. 
Also working on new ideas for patterns...designs that could be used for Wrapping Paper, Fabric, etc.  I really enjoy creating these...a nice new twist to my work!
Well, that's it for today's update...
feeling better everyday and looking forward to being out of casts!

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