Friday, March 23, 2012


One of my favorite days...we (sissy & me) go to lunch every friday at a neighbor hood eatery.  We go there often enough that they have our table set and are making up our meals as we walk in the doors.   We have adopted the young kids who work there. (mostly in there 20's)  It's so nice to go and relax at the end of a long & creative week and eat, talk & do a crossword puzzle.  The friday nite is movie night.
Looks like the Hunger Games in on my list tonite...what a lot of hype around this movie, hope it is a thriller!  Taxes...done!  Next week I start to design more 'paper inserts' for Thermo drink ware.  I go and pick up some sample of the first '15' designs next week too...should be fun to see them come to life so to speak. PINK SATURDAY's a little something PINK to keep in the 'theme' of it all!  HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!

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  1. Everyone needs a little time they can call their own. Enjoy your Fridays.