Monday, November 21, 2011


I just can't quite get into things...I'm trying to create, but my sister's cat, Chagall is very ill and we're heading to the vet this afternoon to put him to sleep. Another animal leaving us this year...I wish we didn't get so attached to those 4 legged fur balls...but it's not gonna happen in the house. Since I've been in this home (2003) I've lost 5 animals...2 dogs, 3 cats, actually I don't like the word 'lost'...they died, no other way to say it. Life is so short with these little companions...I treasure every moment. I'm now down to 2 cats & Daddy's dog...a home is just not quite right without a lot of little pitter-patters...and meows. Take care of your fellow creatures...they are counting on you.

TUTU one of my cats that died last year.


  1. So very a true pet lover, I share your feelings. We have three critters right now- only my husband, my budget, and fear of becoming a hoarder keep me from having more. I'm thinking of you both and knowing that your other dear pets will do their best to help ease your heartbreak.

  2. oh no.... I am so very sorry to hear this. I know how precious each of my dogs is to me and how much I miss my Eliza cat who died this summer. you just never get over them being gone.... my prayers are with both of you. sending big huge hugs your way!