Friday, March 18, 2011


Frustrating couple of days!  I did an ad for a magazine...was so happy that I got it done early...but there was a snag!  I'm not the best at computer graphics...I'm learning stuff everyday.  I sent the ad in the wrong should be in CMYK...when they sent me a proof, well it was horrible looking, talk about scared.  I know that there is a BIG difference in those two processes...but never did I think what I'd created was so off the mark...color-wise!  YUCK!!!  Ok...2 days later & I've re-done the whole ad...and I did it right...crossing my fingers that this will come out fabulously!!!  
Think a movie will be just what I need tonite!  Going to see...Lincoln Lawyer, with yummy Matthew McConaughey?  Off to do some more creative...

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