Wednesday, March 23, 2011


GEEZ!  If you have a chance to take a computer class, that has to do with ART...take it!  Boy do I wish I had MORE know how in that department...I think today is the 6th or 7th time I've had to re-do my banners for Vegas.   All this darn, vector that, raster this, or rgb versus cmyk...YIKES!  I think my hair is getting whiter by the minute...(ok, I'm already there!)  : (
It seems that I am always just too busy 'creating' to take a class...this summer, I swear, you can quote me, I, Deidre am taking a class on Photo shop!  

I've got no problem coming up with ideas...or using my good old pencils & papers to get some wonderful images, but, & I do mean a BIG BUT...when I want to translate it to various a gift box...I feel like I'm about 12 again.  I WILL GET THIS...
thanks for letting me vent here.   I'm sharing with you a little of what these D*"#* Banners are going to look like....Have a good one!

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  1. I was going to Photoshop considered! I can draw...not too well but oh my goodness, I would love to be able to work with Photoshop if only to be able to do wonderful things with my blog.

    I should scout around for a class at one of our community centers.

    Deanna :D