Saturday, March 12, 2011


I think I found the reason I can't get to sleep, lately!
I do tend to obsess about is my Booth at
the Show going to be fabulous or okay?  
Or, is my latest creation going to be a hit?...
But...the main Chocolate!
The obsessing is ALL it's (chocolates) fault...
if it didn't smell so wonderful, if it didn't taste like heaven
on earth...well, need I say more?
Have an obsessive free weekend you all...
EAT relieves all that ails you!

Here's to All things GREEN...Happy St.Paddy's Day!
one little corner in my bathroom...
& a LOT of HOPE for all in JAPAN...



  1. D - I know you! It will over the top fabbooooooo! now have some chocolate! giggles!

  2. Glad to know I have some one that has sleeping problems. I lay in bed thinking of what I need or should do. I cannot seem to get my mind to shut down long enough to sleep.

  3. Hi, This is my first time here and I think I like your style and so I decided to follow you...I am Pinkim! from TrulySimplyPink

  4. Hi Diedre,
    Loved your cartoon of the sleeping lady thinking about! I lay in bed thinking about all the Jelly Beans I have sitting in my living room!

    I'm not letting you down though, so I am going to eat a chocolate Pop-Tart right now!

    Praying for Japan

    Happy PS
    Deanna :D