Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Whoa...I honestly thought we were in the middle of an earthquake!  Around 9:00pm...while watching News on the Japan Disaster...out of the corner of my eye was a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT...then about 3-4 seconds later a BOOM!
I swear it felt like something had hit my patio...the house shook...the animals went crazy.  After tuning to my news station they said that in my area of Portland we had a storm, that brought severe lightning strikes & a boom...
DUH!  I was thinking that this might be it...with all that is going on.  But, fortunately, it was just a BIG A_ _ Storm passing thru.  It just makes me realize more & more how devastating the lives of the people in Japan have changed.  I count myself lucky & wish I could do more than just donate money...but I guess that is a start.
Please go to RED CROSS and GIVE...


  1. We are in the middle of terrible rains and are worrying that our house might flood again but I keep telling myself that I am so lucky that I have a house to live in. We are very lucky!

    Thanks for linking up today and for the reminder to donate to the Red Cross.

    Best wishes,

  2. I am calling by from Natasha's blog, 5 Minutes For Me to read your tribute to Japan post, thankyou for sharing.